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Toji Essentials Argan Hair Oil Treatment

$ 12.59 $ 39.99

Toji Essentials Argan Hair Oil Treatment
Toji Essentials Argan Hair Oil Treatment Toji Essentials Argan Hair Oil Treatment Toji Essentials Argan Hair Oil Treatment Toji Essentials Argan Hair Oil Treatment Toji Essentials Argan Hair Oil Treatment

$ 12.59 $ 39.99

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About the product

  • Special blend of 9 all natural oils carefully balanced to nourish hair growth, tame split ends & frizz, increase hair luster, and balance the scalp and skin
  • Promotes hair growth: Includes virgin argan oil, jojoba oil, pumpkin seed oil, and grapeseed oil to nourish and promote natural hair growth
  • Tames split ends & frizz: Includes sweet almond oil to tame split ends & frizz by awakening the ends of hair strands
  • Smells fresh: Includes premium citrus and lavender oils for a long lasting and fresh scent for men and women
  • Balances and moisturizes the hair, scalp, and skin: Includes hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, and apricot kernel oil to lock in moisture while balancing the hair, scalp, and skin

Toji: Essentials Hair Oil Treatment is an all natural hair oil treatment designed to support hair to grow fuller, shinier, and stronger for men and women.* Our special blend includes a carefully balanced mix of 9-oils to support hair growth, hair repair, and scalp & skin balance*

Special 9 Ingredient Blend For Comprehensive Support

- Follicle Support: There are a variety nutrients critical to nourishing follicle health. With Essentials Hair Oil's special 9 ingredient blend we've made sure you won't miss a single one.
- DHT Blocking Support: DHT is commonly cited for hair loss. Essentials Hair Oil uses a combination of healthy hair oils to provide optimal DHT blocking support. Essentials Hair Oil contains ingredients that may block DHT.
- Circulation Support: Poor circulation to the scalp means your hair is not receiving the nutrition it needs. Ingredients in Essentials Hair Oil (like Pumpkin Seed Oil and Grapeseed Oil) help support proper circulation.

What's Special About The Ingredients?

Our special formula was designed with specifically chosen amounts of 9 healthy hair oils that combine to provide comprehensive hair support.
- Includes Argan, Apricot, and Hemp Seed Oils to provide nutritional support for healthy hair growth* 
- Includes Pumpkin Seed and Grapeseed Oils to provide hormonal support against hair loss caused by DHT* 
- Includes Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oils to provide circulatory support for healthy hair growth* 

Quality Assured

Toji: Essentials Hair Oil is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Support healthy hair to grow fuller, shinier, and stronger!

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