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Can Too Much Sex Cause Hair Loss?! 

You notice that after you shower the drain is full of hair. You look in the mirror and you seem to think that there might be a bold spot on your head. You are really panicking and you're wondering if having too much sex can be causing hair loss. So, you get on the Internet and you look up hair loss and you want to know if the sex is the problem. Could sex be making you go bald?

There was a myth once that the maternal side of your family is the indicator of whether you should expect hair loss or male pattern baldness. This isn't true, and has been scientifically shown to be incorrect. The truth is that the "too much sex" story is also a myth.

The Myth

You won't lose your hair or start to go bald from having sex. There was a theory once that when a man ejaculates, it makes him lose some protein, which he needs for hair growth. They used to believe that if you ejaculated too much semen too often that you would lose the protein, and your hair will fall out.

It's true that protein is very important for a number of different processes and organs in the human body. Protein is important for growth of the body and for repair and regrowth of various cells in the human body as well. Protein is also important for hair because hair is composed entirely of different proteins. The reason that people often believe that sex can cause baldness is because semen is full of protein. That's how the myth began that ejaculating too often would cause men to lose their hair.

Myth Busted

You shouldn't be worried and running out and buying up protein shakes. Semen has about ten percent of protein. Your body has about fifty percent of protein within it. It can really scare a man if he thinks that sex is going to cause his hair to fall out. That is simply not the case. Sex is a healthy thing and you aren't going to lose your body's protein by having too much sex or ejaculating too much.

So, if you notice that your hair is falling out or if you notice that you are developing male pattern baldness, don't blame it on the sex that you are having. There is a variety of different things that can cause balding in men. There are different types of scalp infections, like ringworm, that can cause a human being to begin to lose his or her hair. You could be losing your hair because of the incorrect choice of hair products, like gels or hair sprays that you are using in it. It could be happening because of some kind of hormonal change in your body. However, there is no reason for you to believe that sex is causing your hair loss.

So, go ahead and enjoy your sex life. If you are really worried about your hair loss, you can go in and talk to your doctor about the options that you have.

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