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on September 18, 2015
Size: 30 Day Supply Verified Purchase
"its only been 10 days, but I needed to share. I'm not using any other hair growth products with these vitamins. I have tons of baby hairs coming in already. I've tried all kinds of topical junk to make my hair grow back in...which had fallen out due to autoimmune disease. I've even taken biotin and gelatin to support hair growth.

Also - don't be concerned with the "awful taste". If you've ever taken vitamins before: you know they aren't supposed to taste like ice cream. They don't taste any worse than any other vitamin I've taken.

I'll update again after I've been on these for a few months!! (Pic included as screenshots so you can see the first date and I didn't tamper with the pics)"

Love it, I've definitely noticed a change in my ...

By D'Avianna Love on November 5, 2015
Size: 30 Day Supply | Verified Purchase

"Love it, I've definitely noticed a change in my nails and hair. My nails are harder (I used to be able to rip off layers of my nails that's how thin they were) and I have thick, curly 4c hair. The bottom strands of my hair are damaged from heat but toji has made my transition to natural hair really easy with the rate my hair is growing.

The first picture was taken April 2015, this is before I started Toji, my hair was thin and damaged and needed help, I started taking iron supplements and shortly after (In may) I started Toji, the second picture was taken in July 2015 (My hair is about 2 inches from my bra strap), The after picture is from October of this year. I've very happy with my progress, I think toji has not only helped my hair grow but it has helped me retain length, and I'm a loyal toji customer now. I made some other changes as well, I wash my hair once a week and condition it between washes. I use heat less often, I try to only use it in winter so I won't sweat my hair out as easy or have humidity ruin my hair. I use coconut oil and honey warmed and mixed together on my scalp as conditioner to give me the best curls possible as well."


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