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nutrition support

there are a variety nutrients critical to
hair health. with pure density's
proprietary 34 ingredient formula
we've made sure you won't miss
a single one. learn more.

hormonal support

hormonal imbalances are a commonly
cited reason for hair loss. pure density
uses a combination of herbs and
botanicals to provide optimal hormonal

support. learn more.

circulation support

poor circulation to the scalp means your
hair is not receiving the nutrition it needs.
vitamins and herbs in pure density (like
niacin and gingko biloba) help support
proper circulation. learn more.

nutrition support

bamboo extract

Bamboo Extract - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

bamboo extract is among the richest known sources of silica in nature. this is important because silica can help stimulate the growth of collagen, a key component of healthy hair. more about bamboo extract.


Biotin - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

biotin is perhaps the single nutrient most associated with hair health, earning it the alternative name of “vitamin h”. this is for a good reason as it helps support healthy hair in numerous ways. more about biotin.


Calcium - Healthy Hair Support -  Nutrition

calcium is crucial for hair growth as the hair follicles use it to produce keratinized protein. more about calcium.


Choline - Healthy Hair Support -  Nutritional

choline works together with inositol in hair cell formulation, and also supports the proper health of hair follicle membranes. more about choline.

folic acid

Folic Acid - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

folic acid is a member of the Vitamin B-Complex. Multiple studies have found consistently taking a folic acid supplement can support healthy hair growth. more about folic acid.

horsetail extract

Horsetail Silica Extract - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

horsetail is thought to have been used to support hair health since the Ancient Greeks. And for good reason, it’s rich in silica and other minerals needed for healthy hair. more about horsetail extract.


Inositol - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

though inositol is known as a brain food, it is also crucial to hair health. it helps to support the stability of structural cell membranes associated with hair follicles. more about inositol.


L-Cysteine - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

l-cysteine is an amino acid, which is among the largest single elements found in the composition of the hair shaft as it is responsible for keratin formation. more about l-cysteine.

linoleic acid

Linoleic Acid - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

linoleic acid not only plays a role in hair moisture but also supports the appearance and health of the hair cuticle. more about linoleic acid.


L-Methionine - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

l-methionine is an amino acid that is only of only four amino acids that provide sulfur – an important hair nutrient – to the hair shaft. more about l-methionine.


Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

Also known as msm, methylsulfonylmethane is a form of sulfur that is found in the body. Sulfur is a key component of the keratin matrix, which is important for structural hair health. more about msm.


PABA - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

paba is an amino acid that is known as the “anti-gray” vitamin as studies have shown it may help improve hair color. more about paba.

pantothenic acid

Pantothenic Acid - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

pantothenic acid’s effects on hair health are well documented, and it is used in a variety of hair products. for example, it is commonly used to support the shine seen in healthy hair. more about pantothenic acid.

riboflavin (vitamin b2)

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

riboflavin is a member of the vitamin b-complex, and plays an important role in hair healthy because of its role in red blood cell production. more about riboflavin.

sarsaparilla root

Sarsaparilla Root - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

studies have shown sarsaparilla root helpful for balancing hormones in both males and females, and may be effective for hair growth. more about sarsaparila root.


Selenium - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

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Thiamin (Vitamin B1) - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

thiamine is known as the anti-stress vitamin. and rightly so, as it can support your body against physiological changes such as stress that can result in weak hair. more about thiamine.

vitamin A

Vitamin A - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

vitamin a is important for scalp health because it not only supports hair moisture and structure, but also acts as a natural antibacterial. more about vitamin a.

vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

vitamin b12 is a member of the vitamin b-complex, and helps support proper circulation to deliver the nutrients necessary for healthy hair growth. more about vitamin b12.

vitamin d

Vitamin D - Healthy Hair Support - Nutrition

you can get vitamin d straight from the sun. it supports healthy hair nutrition, and a deficiency can even cause your hair to lose its color. more about vitamin d.

hormonal support


Copper - Healthy Hair Support - Hormone

copper is an essential mineral that helps support proper circulation as well possibly restoring natural hair color after graying has already taken place. more about copper.


Iodine - Healthy Hair Support - Hormone

iodine is important for healthy hair. extreme cases of complete iodine deficiency may even result in complete hair loss. more about iodine.

saw palmetto extract

Saw Palmetto Extract - Healthy Hair Support - Hormone

saw palmetto is thought to protect hair follicles by preventing the absorption of dht, even increasing hair growth by 60% in a 2002 study. more about saw palmetto extract.

stinging nettle root

Stinging Nettle Root Extract - Healthy Hair Support - Hormone

stinging nettle has been used for centuries as a hair tonic. probably because of its supportive properties on hormones that negatively affect hair health. more about stinging nettle root.


Zinc - Healthy Hair Support - Hormone

zinc not only plays a role in the metabolism of the hair protein keratin, but also supports the vibrancy and shine of healthy hair. more about zinc.


circulation support

bacopa monnieri

Bacopa - Healthy Hair Support - Circulatory

although bacopa monnieri is best known as a brain tonic, it is also beneficial for hair health. It is thought to be an herb that supports the strength of healthy hair, thereby reducing the number of split ends. more about bacopa monnieri.

eclipta alba

Eclipta Alba (False Daisy) - Healthy Hair Support - Circulatory

studies have shown eclipta alba can be more effective in fighting hair loss than minoxidil, the main ingredient in popular hair loss products. more about eclipta alba.

ginkgo biloba extract

Ginkgo Biloba Extract - Healthy Hair Support - Circulatory

ginkgo biloba’s circulatory support properties are well known, and are helpful in supporting proper circulatory health to transport nutrients needed for healthy hair. more about ginkgo biloba.

grape seed extract

Grape Seed Extract - Healthy Hair Support - Circulatory

grape seed extract is a bioflavonoid that is thought to inhibit DHT production, which some believe is a hormonal cause of less than ideal hair health. more about grape seed extract.

gotu kola

Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) - Healthy Hair Support - Circulatory

in traditional chinese medicine gotu kola is touted as the “fountain of life”, and is used in ancient chinese remedies as to prevent hair loss. more about gotu kola.

niacin (vitamin b3)

Niacin (Vitamin B3) - Healthy Hair Support - Circulatory

niacin primarily helps support hair healthy by acting as a vasodilator, allowing for proper circulatory health. this in turn helps increase the chances of nutrients reaching the scalp. more about niacin.

vitamin b6

Vitamin B6 - Healthy Hair Support - Circulatory

vitamin b6 is a member of vitamin b-complex, and is responsible for more than 60 of the body’s function, many of which are important for healthy hair growth. more about vitamin b6.

vitamin c

Vitamin C - Healthy Hair Support - Circulatory

vitamin c is an antioxidant and one of the body’s key vitamins. it supports hair health in a variety of ways, ranging from fighting free radicals to nutrient transport. more about vitamin c.

vitamin e

Vitamin E - Healthy Hair Support - Circulatory

not only is vitamin e an antioxidant that reduces free radicals, which can cause hair damage; but it also support the proper circulation associated with healthy hair. more about vitamin e.


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