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Why Was My Baby Born Bald?

You've been waiting for nine whole months. You've had the morning sickness and the swollen feet. You've been through it all. You went through the pain of labor and the fear and trepidation of childbirth. Your baby arrives and the first thing you notice, after you've had time to admire how gorgeous the child is, is that the baby is bald! You remember that your friend had a little boy a few months ago and he had a full head of hair. Your sister had a darling baby girl a few years ago who was born with beautiful curly hair. It makes you wonder why your baby was born bald and your friends' children were born with the hair it took your baby six months to grow out.

Don't let this bother you, new mother, because your baby is completely normal and completely fine. There is nothing that's unusual about your baby being born without any hair. Babies come in all shapes and sizes, hairy and hairless. It doesn't really make any difference whether your child was born with hair or not. That doesn't mean that your child is going to grow up with chronic hair problems, like balding or hair loss.

Telogen Effluvium

This is because of a process called Telogen Effluvium, which is a cycle of hair growth. A variety of different things can cause changes in the growth of hair. Hormonal changes and giving birth to a child can both cause problems in the hair growth cycle. There are a few hair growth phrases that take place in your baby before he or she can even learn to crawl. That's why this is all completely normal and is nothing to worry about.

While your baby was growing inside your womb, he or she was getting a lot of different kinds of hormones from you. Once the baby was removed from your womb and that cord was separated, the levels of hormones in his or her body started to change. It was something that happened immediately after they were born. This part of hair growth is called the resting phase which happens after hair has been lost. This means that your baby already had hair before it was born but it has just fallen out of his or her head before it was born! This type of hormonal change could have even caused some of your hair to fall out after you had your baby. That's pretty normal to have happen, too.

Just Have Patience

What do you have to do to help your baby grow his or her hair? There's nothing that you can or need to do. Give it some time and your child's hair will begin to grow in on its own. This will happen in six months or so. That might seem like a long time, but the time really flies when you have a new baby at home. By then, all the fears will have subsided and you will have a child with beautiful hair. If it's a girl, have fun with all the hair accessories.

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