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Will Cutting my Hair Make it Grow in Thicker? 

Occasionally we look at our hair and think that it looks so brittle and thin that it's probably just better to cut it off. A lot of people believe that if they cut their hair, it will make it grow back thicker and shinier. However, is that even really true? A lot of people wonder whether there is really any truth to the idea that cutting your hair will make it grow in with better shape than it was to begin with. Don't do anything hasty and chop off your luscious locks just yet. Let's get to the bottom of this.

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The honest truth is that getting rid of hair won't make it come back in thicker or more radiant. This myth has been shown to be false by the Internet myth busters Snopes. However, getting a haircut will certainly make it SEEM like it is growing back in more luscious and radiant. It will appear that way because when we cut our hair we give it a chance to grow back in and it looks very good when it does.

One expert on hair, Philip Kingsley, gives us some more information on this. According to Kingsley, hair can be thought of like a stick of bamboo. Bamboo is very flexible; however, when the stick of bamboo is not as long, then it's less flexible. He indicated that that is when the bamboo appears to be very tough and a lot thicker.

Essentially, what ends up happening when you cut your hair is that all the dead ends of the hair have been removed. These dead ends have been there the longest and they are the most split and delicate than all of the rest of your hair. This means that when you get rid of that dead hair at the end, your hair appears to be a lot healthier and stronger.

Kingsley also indicated that hair gets damaged by various treatments, straighteners, and curling irons. So, they longer that you have been treating your hair with different implements, the more damaged your hair gets. He said that this damage affects the ends of your hair the most. He went on to say that this is why cutting hair makes it seem like it's a lot healthier and full of luster. That's why when we cut our hair it looks much thicker and healthier on our head when it grows back in.

Another thing that you can do to make your hair look thicker and healthier is to have it cut in layers by a hair stylist. This will really make your hair look like it's huge and full of volume.

So, what it boils down to is that trimming your hair won't really make it grow back thicker. Instead, trimming your hair will just be making it appear to be a lot healthier. 

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